To Know Where You’re Going, Look at Where You’ve Been: The 2018 Year in Review

I write my observations of trends and market conditions every day, though I only share some of them on ASYMMETRY® Observations. The advantage of writing observations as we see them is we can go back and read what we observed in real time.

The best “year in review” is to reread these observations in the order they were written to see how global directional trends and volatility expansions and contractions unfolded in real time. Reviewing our actual observations removes the hindsight bias we have today, looking back with perfect hindsight of what happened only after the fact.

It’s one thing to think back and write about what you observed over the past year, it’s another to revisit what you observed as you saw it. It’s even another to review what you actually did in response to what you observed.

Mark Twain’s mother once said:

“I only wish Mark had spent more time making money rather than just writing about it.”

I don’t take the time to share every observation I have because I am no Mark Twain. I am fully committed to doing it, not just writing about it. Writing about observations of directional trends and volatility is secondary to making tactical trading decisions and active risk management for me. I see no use in observing markets and writing about it if I do nothing about it.

The first observation I shared this year was on January 18th. The topic may sound familiar today. From there, I observed conditions to suggested we could have been seeing the final stages of a bull market, a trend change to a non-trending indecisive period, and a volatility expansion. If you want to understand what in the world is going on, I encourage you to read these observations and think about how it all played out over the year.


All Eyes are Now on the Potential Government Shutdown

In remembrance of euphoria: Whatever happened to Stuart and Mr. P?


In the final stages of a bull market

Asset Class Returns are Driven by Sector Exposure

Stock Market Analysis of the S&P 500

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The most important rule of trading is to play great defense, not great offense.

Selling pressure overcomes buying demand for the second day in U.S. stock market

February Global Market Trends

Selling pressure overwhelms buying demand for stocks for the third day in a row

Buying demand dominated selling pressure in the stock market

Asymmetric Volatility

MARCH 2018

Stock pickers market? Sector rotation with stocks for asymmetric reward to risk

Investment management can take many years of cycles and regimes to understand an edge.

Asymmetric force direction and size determines trend

Asymmetric force was with the buyers

My Introduction to Trend Following

When I apply different trend systems to ETFs

The enthusiasm to sell overwhelmed the desire to buy March 19, 2018

Apparently there was more enthusiasm to sell

What’s going to happen next?

What’s going to happen next? continued

APRIL 2018

Is this correction and volatility normal?

Global Market Trends

MAY 2018

Is the economy, stupid?

JUNE 2018

Growth Stocks have Stronger Momentum than Value in 2018

Sector Trends are Driving Equity Returns

Trend Analysis of the Stock Market

Trend of the International Stock Market

Interest Rate Trend and Rate Sensitive Sector Stocks

Expected Volatility Stays Elevated in 2018

Sector ETF Changes: Indexes aren’t so passive

Commodities are trending with better momentum than stocks

Investor sentiment gets more bearish

Is it a stock pickers market?

JULY 2018

2nd Quarter 2018 Global Investment Markets Review

Global Stock and Bond Market Trends 2Q 2018

Stock market investor optimism rises above historical average

Trend following applied to stocks

Asymmetry of Loss: Why Manage Risk?

Earnings season is tricky for momentum growth stocks

Front-running S&P 500 Resistance

The week in review shows some shifts


Global Market ETF Trends

Global Market Trends, U.S. Dollar, Emerging Markets, Commodities, and Their Changing Correlations

The Big Picture Stock and Bond Market Valuation and Outlook


The U.S. stock market was strong in August, but…

Emerging Markets Reached a Bear Market Level, or is it a Continuation of a Secular Bear Market?

What trends are driving emerging markets into a bear market?

VIX level shows market’s expectation of future volatility

Rising Interest Rate Impact on Real Estate and Home Construction

The Trend in Interest Rates and the Impact on the Economy and Stock Market


Stanley Druckenmiller on his use of Technical Analysis and Instinct

Here comes the volatility expansion

Intermarket trends change over the past two weeks

The volatility expansion continues like tropical storm Michael that could become a hurricane

Divergence in Global Asset Allocation

The Stock Market Trend

U. S. Sector Trends

Observations of the stock market decline and volatility expansion

The stock market trends up with momentum

Observations of the stock market downtrend


The stock market is swinging its way to an inflection point

Divergence in the Advance-Decline Line May be Bullish

Pattern Recognition: Is the S&P 500 Forming a Head and Shoulders Bottom?

Momentum stocks need to find some buying interest

Will the stock market hold the line?

The Death Cross on the S&P 500


Stock Market Observations

What’s going to happen next for the stock market?

Global asset allocation takes a beating in 2018

The stock market has reached a short-term extreme as investor sentiment indicates fear

An exhaustive analysis of the U.S. stock market

An exhaustive stock market analysis… continued

Keep in mind, even if I see what could be the final stages of a bull market unfold, it doesn’t mean I try to just exit near the stock market peak and sit in cash for years. For me, it isn’t a simple ON/OFF switch. The highlight of my performance history has probably been my execution through bear markets. I’ve historically operated through them by being a tactical risk manager/risk taker, which means I increase and decrease exposure to the possibility of risk/reward with an objective of asymmetric risk/reward. I can’t assure anyone I’ll do as well in the future as I’ve done in the past, but I do know I’m even better prepared now than I was then. Being as prepared as possible and well-honed on situational awareness is the best I can do.

I’m looking forward to sharing more observations as we enter 2019 as global market conditions appear to be setting up for some trends to avoid, some to participate in, and some interesting trends to write about. To follow along, enter your email address on the top right of this website and follow me on Twitter.


Mike Shell is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Shell Capital Management, LLC, and the portfolio manager of ASYMMETRY® Global Tactical.

The observations shared on this website are for general information only and are not specific advice, research, or buy or sell recommendations for any individual. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal an investor must be willing to bear. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The presence of this website on the Internet shall in no direct or indirect way raise an implication that Shell Capital Management, LLC is offering to sell or soliciting to sell advisory services to residents of any state in which the firm is not registered as an investment advisor. Use of this website is subject to its terms and conditions.


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