ASYMMETRY® Observations are Mike Shell’s observations of investor behavior causing directional price trends, global macro, tactical ETF trading, momentum stock trading, hedging, volatility trading, and risk management that creates asymmetric investment returns through asymmetric risk/reward. An asymmetric return profile is an asymmetric risk/reward profile with a positive asymmetry between profit and loss.

Mike Shell Capital Asymmetry Global Tactitcal Asymmetric Risk Return X

Mike Shell is the founder of Shell Capital Management, LLC and the portfolio manager of ASYMMETRY® Global Tactical and ASYMMETRY® Managed Portfolios.

An observation is an action or process of observing something or someone carefully or in order to gain information. An observation is a remark, statement, or comment based on something one has seen, heard or noticed. Observation is either an activity of a living being, such as a human, consisting of receiving knowledge of the outside world through the senses, or the recording of data using scientific instruments. The term may also refer to any data collected during this activity. An observation can also be the way we look at things or when we look at something. ASYMMETRY® is imbalance or inequality, a tilt or shift one way or another. For example, we prefer imbalance and inequality between profit and loss: more profit, less loss. We could say, then, that an ASYMMETRY® Observation is an observation that is directional. It is tilted one way or another.

For information about ASYMMETRY® Managed Accounts and ASYMMETRY® Global Tactical visit http://shell-capital.com/

ASYMMETRY® Observations are Mike Shell’s observations of directional trends, global macro, volatility trading, and risk management that leads to asymmetric insights and asymmetric investment returns. An asymmetric return profile is a risk/reward profile with an imbalance between profit and loss: more profit than loss. By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Mike Shell is a global macro fund manager specializing in tactical trading across global markets. He has a unique understanding of how world markets interact with each other, active risk management, and directional price trends. He has one of the strongest and longest track records applying trend systems to exchange-traded securities like ETFs.

He is the founder and portfolio manager of  Shell Capital Management, LLC a registered investment manager that is the portfolio manager of the ASYMMETRY® Investment Program – a separate managed account program available at several custodians). Mike has an advantage in his writing that is in unconstrained by academia which allows his independent thinking to filter through without constraint.

Pensions & Investments Magazine has ranged Shell Capital – Asymmetry® Global Tactical managed account portfolio managed by Mike Shell a “Top Performing Manager” in the “World Allocation” category over the five years ending November 2012.

Publicly available interviews include an interview with Kate Stalter at Forbes: “Using Price Trends to Maximize Profits” (May 2012) and a full-page interview in Investor’s Business Daily discussing one of the many elements to his tactical ETF system: “How Mike Shell Uses Relative Strength to Trade ETFs” (October 2011).

Kindly overlook typos. We could hire three or four editors to proof every observation we share, we would then charge you to read it, and you would get the message two days later than you do. This is not a spelling bee or grammar class. If you are unable to read something that isn’t written the way you think it should be you may have more pressing issues to deal with than spending your time reading this blog.

ASYMMETRY® is the pursuit of asymmetric investment returns through dynamic risk management and tactical portfolio management.

ASYMMETRY® pursues a positive imbalance between reward and risk: more reward, less risk.

The information Mike shares on this blog will be in support of an absolute return objective and global tactical trading strategies intended to create a return profile of total return that exceeds downside risk. This website is not investment advice. All investment strategies and Investing in securities involves risk of loss that investors should be prepared to bear. Investment results are probabilistic, never a sure thing.

We intend to post content consistently. Some regular posts will come from the constant flow of information like books, research papers, articles written by others, and comments/questions from our readers:

  • One of the most useful observations we will point out is the shift in investor sentiment as a driver of market returns.
  • Reviews of books Mike likes (or maybe some he disagrees with).
  • A briefing of the constant flow of research papers including academic papers he thinks are useful.
  • Observations of global macro conditions
  • Observations of global market trends in currency, bonds, stocks, commodities, and volatility.
  • Observations of how global markets interact with each other.
  • Readers are encouraged to submit questions, comments, and request for comment to help create good content

Topics of observation include:

  • Active Risk Management
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Asymmetric Investment Returns
  • Asymmetric Risk/Reward Profiles
  • Tactical ETF Management
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Quantitative ETF Systems
  • Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Economics
  • Investor Behavior and Investor Sentiment
  • Investor Behavior Modification
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Global Tactical Trading
  • Global Macro Investment Strategies
  • Quantitative Research
  • Quantitative Trend Systems
  • Systematic Trend Following Trading Systems
  • Systematic Relative Strength and Momentum
  • Technical Analysis of Price Trends
  • Trading Psychology
  • Volatility Trading and Management
Mark Twain’s mother once said:
“I only wish Mark had spent more time making money rather than just writing about it”.
Today there is no shortage of writing about the capital markets and portfolio management. Many who write about money and the management of it provide no evidence to suggest their beliefs are useful. That is, they do a lot of talking and writing, a lot less doing. We are left to wonder if they have good results. The author of this blog is no Mark Twain. To be sure, we encourage you to review the
ASYMMETRY® Investment Program’s performance composite. Though past performance doesn’t assure the future, it is what it is. If you are going to read the missives and observations of someone, we suggest it may be useful to have some idea of the track record behind it.

ASYMMETRY® and ASYMMETRY Investment Program® are registered service marks of Shell Capital Management, LLC

All investments involve risk the investor must be willing to bear. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. There is no guarantee that any investment or strategy will be successful. Read more disclosures at terms and conditions.

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