Global Tactical Trading

Tactics are actively maneuvering forces. Tactics are the skill of employing a system or procedure of available means to accomplish an end. Trading refers to both buying and selling as opposed to “investing” which implies buying, but not necessarily selling. So, we could say that Tactical Trading is employing a system or procedure to accomplish something and by actively maneuvering forces or making decisions. Global refers to applying the strategy across markets around the world. 

Global Tactical Trading is a  typically a directional investment strategy that buys and sells price trends (though some may apply fundamental relative value). 

Global Tactical Trading may include trend-following that buy rising trends and sell falling trends and/or countertrend systems that buy oversold, sell overbought.

Global Tactical Trading can involve taking long or short positions in global markets.

Global Tactical Trading holding periods can be short-term (a few days) or longer term (months or years).

Global Tactical Trading  can be based on a quantitative trading system (systematic) or it can be based on the skill of the trader visually analyzing price trends with charts. Or, it could be a combination of a portfolio manager applying his or her skillset to analyzing charts and applying trading systems.

Global Tactical Trading is often applied to global equities, global bonds, global currencies, and global commodities around the world. 

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