Logical Inconsistency

Logical inconsistencies are statements that contradict each other.  Logical inconsistencies are thoughts, arguments, or reasoning that are not consistent.

Logical Inconsistency

Recognize a logical inconsistency

Logical inconsistencies may be obvious to some who have enough expertise to recognize them. Or, a logical inconsistency can be so subtle or be part of many statements over time, making it difficult to detect.

What causes a logical inconsistency? 

Logical inconsistencies may be produced by disregard, ignorance, or lazying thinking. Logical inconsistencies can be an emotional reaction from someone who has lost their sense of logic and is desperate, carelessly and hopelessly trying to prove something. Sometimes an expert may even contradict themselves intentionally knowing their inconsistency will not be recognized or challenged. When the expert does this, they are testing to see if the audience knows enough to point it out.

Logical Inconsitency

Logical Inconsistencies