Asymmetric Global Macro

Asymmetry® Global Macro is investment management with an objective of positive asymmetry  and asymmetric returns to a global macro universe of worlds markets.

Asymmetric Investing is a strategy with the objective of an asymmetric trade or asymmetric payoff. That is,  the probability or outcome of a trade has more profit than loss or risk taken to achieve the profit. Or, the upside potential is greater than the downside loss. Asymmetry of a trade may be when the downside is limited, but the upside is unlimited.

Asymmetry® used in the investment industry refers to the objective of asymmetric returns. Asymmetry® is an asymmetric risk/reward profile: one that is imbalanced or skewed toward the upside than the downside.

Capital management is the direction of a client’s cash and securities by an investment management company.

For an example of Asymmetry® Global Macro visit Asymmetry® Investment Program

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