ETF Strategist

According to iShares the increasing popularity of ETFs has given rise to a new type of asset manager: the ETF Investment Strategist. These specialists bring deep knowledge of ETF portfolio construction and trading experience to the marketplace, and the use of their expertise is growing.

Our ETF managed account program is ASYMMETRY® Managed Accounts

What is driving this growth?

  • Financial Advisors are increasingly turning to outsourced portfolio management as a basis for scalable growth for their practices.
  • ETF-based portfolios provide individual investors access to institutional quality asset managers.
  • ETF’s product design allows for boutique managers to leverage the liquid, transparent and tax efficient characteristics of ETFs.

Financial Advisors or individual investors can usually get access to ETF Investment Strategists through their asset management or investment platform.

To learn more, visit: ASYMMETRY® Global Tactical

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