Investing in stocks involves risks you must be willing to bear, or actively manage and hedge

It is widely accepted that a portfolio diversified across a number of stocks will provide an inherent return over time, that buying and holding stocks for the long term is virtuous and pragmatic, and that the longer your perspective, the lower your investment risk.

This strategy is flawed because it is based on a single set of baseline conditions and return drivers, and there is no guarantee that the future will not deviate significantly from the past.

In fact, “past performance is no guarantee of future results” is a required regulatory statement for registered investment advisors like my firm.

Year to date the widely followed S&P 500 stock index that tracks 500 stocks, fully invested, all the time, is down -25% for 2022.

In the chart, we show the index is about 9% below its 50-day average and 14% below the 200-day average. These simple trend-following indicators have signaled defense most of the year, and you can see the red when they’re underwater.

Though it’s oversold on a short-term basis and could see some countertrend follow-through from yesterday’s radical swing, the primary trend is clearly down. So, we declined to participate in its descent like a passive investor does.

Investments and markets require active risk management to avoid larger losses and to create the positive risk-adjusted investment returns people want.

Active risk management and hedging aren’t a sure thing, either, but for me, it’s far better than just sitting there doing nothing.

You can probably see why I’ve preached active risk management and dynamic hedging for drawdown control for over two decades.

More importantly, I’ve done it.

Investing involves risks of loss you must be willing to bear, or actively manage and hedge.

All our endeavors involve some degree of risk, but we all get to tactically decide which risks we want, and which we prefer to hedge off.

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