The U. S. Stock Market Bubble

What do I think about the U. S. stock market?

It’s in a bubble, so I’m getting prepared.

And time is different, too, because of rising inflation and interest rates, which means falling bond prices.

So bonds aren’t going to be a crutch in a falling stock market.

Why do I think it’s a bubble?

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

S&P 500 Shiller CAPE Ratio was created by Yale University economist Robert Shiller as a way to understand long-term stock market valuations.

The S&P 500 Shiller CAPE Ratio, also known as the Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings ratio, is calculated as the ratio of the S&P 500’s current level divided by the 10-year moving average of inflation-adjusted earnings.

The S&P 500 Shiller CAPE Ratio may be used as a valuation method to forecast future expected returns.

– Higher CAPE ratio could indicate lower returns over the next couple of decades,
– Lower CAPE ratio could reflect higher returns over the next couple of decades, as the ratio reverts back to the mean.

S&P 500 Shiller CAPE Ratio is at a current level of 39.60, and as you can see in the chart, it suggests the stock market is the second most expensive since 1881, the last 140 years. It’s more than 200% higher than its long-term average, and far from the low levels that historically preceded long-term bull markets.

The current risk for investors is it plays out similar to the past but without bonds trending up, acting as a crutch to hedge some of the stock market losses.

There’s never been a more critical time to row, not sail, so we’ve got out the oars.

It’s an exciting time to be an investment advisor and portfolio manager. We are empowered with a broader, more robust suite of tools to define and manage risk than at any other time in history.

Is this the beginning of a bear market?

Maybe, we’ll see, only time will tell.

Even if it is the early stage of a bear market, it’ll likely unfold with many swings up and down along the way.

But I think we’ll see all the speculation unwind in the years ahead.

For the tactical trader, investment success isn’t so much what the market is doing to you, but what you are doing with the market.

I think that’s the case for everyone.

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