Bolted to the chair

Mark Twain’s mother said:

“I only wish Mark had spent more time making money rather than just writing about it”.

I am no Mark Twain.

I’m a tactical trader, so that’s my first purpose.

I’m not always going to take the time to write it out in a format I can share here.

I’ve been bolted to the chair this week but didn’t spend any time sharing my observations.

Instead, I encourage you to do what I did. I went back and reread some observations from January to see what I was seeing and thinking then.

I think about:

What has changed?

How has sentiment changed?

How has the trend direction changed?

Has volatility changed?

Has momentum changed?

Has the narrative changed?

What didn’t we know then we do today?

Is what we believe today congruent with what we believed then?

Here’s what I read:


If you do this, you’ll see why.