Coronavirus: Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best

I’m not a Physician, I am a mathematician, so I deal with trends, velocity, momentum, exponentials, and differentials.

People tend to underreact to initial changes in new information and then overreact after they realize they underreacted. That’s when we see the panic and the madness of crowds.

The exponential growth of Coronavirus is likely to be shocking initially in the weeks ahead. As I shared with friends in January, this is an asymmetric uncertainly, and there is a chance for underestimation. So, I hope people are taking the advice of the CDC on things like social distancing, which will help.

What is asymmetric uncertainty?

Asymmetric Uncertainty: Properties of the virus that are uncertain will have a substantial impact on whether the policies implemented are effective. For instance, whether contagious asymptomatic carriers exist. These uncertainties make it unclear whether measures such as temperature screening at major ports will have the desired impact. Practically all the uncertainty tends to make the problem potentially worse, not better, as these processes are convex to uncertainty.

The funny thing is, as social distancing does help “flatten the curve,” many people will believe it wasn’t necessary to start with.

That’s okay, let them believe it.

coronavirus strategy

Christi and I are operating from our home office and prepared to hunker down as long as we need to. We prepared by stocking up supplies we need, which we do to some degree anyway in advance of hurricane season. This year, we just did it early, and more of it. If we don’t eat canned food, it’s a good donation.

In the meantime, the simple way to avoid the virus is to simply avoid situations that could attract it. Beyond that, there are many resources straight from the horse’s mouth that help to track it.

For example, here in Florida, the Florida Department of Health provides updates on its website. Here are the latest updates at this moment. I don’t make the mistake of watching it closely all day, I check it in the morning to see how it’s trending and its rate of change.

FLORIDA CORONAVIRUS Florida Department of Health

A global tracking resource I shared before is the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University(JHU). At this moment, here are the global numbers. I clicked on Florida to see more detail.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Another is the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK by Worldometers.


Again, unless “social distancing” has a very dramatic impact immediately, we should expect to see the rate of change increase exponentially in the days and weeks ahead. For those who aren’t aware or prepared, it may be shocking for a while. If you want to embrace the asymmetric uncertainty, as we are, just hunker down for a while and watch it all unfold.

I have a good reason to, beyond not contracting or spreading the disease, as global markets in a downtrending volatility expansion. I’m trying to make the best of it.

Now is the time to check on our neighbors, friends, and family.

With the social media we have today, we may be physically distant, but we’ve never been more connected.

Beyond that, hang in there friends, this too shall pass. Someday we’ll look back and tell the stories just as we do about Y2K, 9/11, the Gulf Wars, and all the other things we hadn’t experienced before until it happened.

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I hope this helps. Let us know if we can assist. Get in touch here.

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