Individual investors are screaming bearish

The US Investor Sentiment survey shows individual investors are the most negative about the direction of the stock market they’ve been the past five years.

In fact, the last time investors were this bearish was over seven years ago, in January 2013.

I remember 2013 started off with great pessimism, but end up a stunner.

There was a lot going on in the news in 2012 going in to 2013, so investor sentiment reflected it. Then, there was the stock indexes finally reaching their late 2007 highs after a crushing -56% bear market. It took over five years to recover, but it finally did by the end of 2013.

This time may be different.

The individual investors survey for the sentiment gauge may be right.

But more often than not, when their sentiment reaches an extreme, the market proves them wrong.

Anything is possible. Every new trend is unique. The Fed and US Treasury have made it clear they’ll do anything necessary, so those of us moving around big money probably do so knowing the Fed Put is there.

The Fear & Greed Index is diverging from the sentiment poll. The Fear & Greed Index looks at seven different indicators to gauge investor sentiment. Only one of them is positive right now and the level is at mid field.

US Bullish investor sentiment is at an extreme level, too.

The Bull Bear Spread is about as low as it has ever been.

The market climbs a wall of worry, and that’s exactly what it’s been doing.

So far.

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