What do you think about the election?


Many people have asked me what I think about the Election.

I don’t think much about it, but when I do…

I believe that we’re going to find who America really is.

If any of us doesn’t like it, we can find another country.

There are many other countries to live in the world depending on what we want.

If someone wants a country that treats people more “equal” and doesn’t reward anyone for doing more, there are countries for that.

If someone wants a country that rewards people based on what they do, there are countries for that.

For example, people who are concerned about America becoming more “Socialist” and less “Capitalist” are looking at citizenship in countries like Singapore.

If we want another country, we can simply search “citizenship in _______”. For example, when I search “citizenship in Singapore” I quickly found the requirements and a link to “Apply for Singapore Citizenship”. Just like America, other countries have rules for legal citizenship:

“A Permanent Resident for at least two years who is employed or married to a Singaporean citizen can register for citizenship. A male Permanent Resident may also apply upon satisfactory completion of full-time National Service, as may children of Singaporean citizens living in Singapore.”

I believe we all get what we want by deciding what we get. If any one of us doesn’t like America, we can go to another country.

We are going to soon find out whom America really is… and we’ll probably find out who we really are, too.

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