How do I qualify?

Someone passed along one of those passionate political videos with a thought-provoking title, so I watched. It started out with

You want to see something really disturbing? Go to any search engine and type in “how do I qualify” and see what comes up.

I was a surprised by what he said I would find, so I stopped and did just that.

What do you think of when you ponder “How do I qualify”? For college? for a certain job? for a home loan? for medical school? business school? law school? the military? for a private investment program?

According to the Yahoo! search engine, below are the top things Americans want to know when searching  “How do I qualify”.

how do I qualify


Wow… that is a shocker. I would have lost that bet.

Maybe they’re right. Some of us must be out of touch with the world as it really is.

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