Learning isn’t the same as being taught

I think an independent thinker learns what he or she wants to know, while others must be taught. For example, the most intelligent humans are those who didn’t need someone to teach them formally, they are the first to figure things out. Our society often relates the most learned people by what college they attended and how much of it, but what if someone instead read over 500 books on subjects like math, scientific research, psychology, and trading? You may consider that the developers of the best systems and the products we love didn’t necessarily create them at a university or after earning an Ivy league degree. They are instead the ones teaching the world new things that they are able to develop and understand in ways most people can’t. Others go to the classroom hoping to understand some of the basics taught by books and lectures. The greatest things are discovered by deep independent thinking.

Intelligence: has been defined in many different ways including logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, having emotional knowledge, retaining, planning, and problem solving.

Leaning isn't the same as being taught

Source: When the student is ready, the master appears. ~Buddhist Proverb

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